Artist Bahroma: poster of concerts 2022

Билеты Bahroma
24 april 19:00 wednesday
Event ended
Билеты Bahroma. Summer concert on the terrace
26 august 19:00 wednesday
Bahroma. Summer concert on the terrace
Event ended
Билеты Atlas Weekend Bukovel
31 july 16:00 saturday
Atlas Weekend Bukovel
Event ended


The musical group Bahroma, whose songs can be heard more and more often in the media, is an independent musical group from Ukraine, which demonstrates its tracks in the alternative style. The official creation of the group can be attributed to the year 2009, and the musical group Bahroma concerts at the initial stage were formed in the capital of Ukraine.
Historical features
The first performance of the project falls on the 2009th year. Then they appeared before the public with a composition called "For a Long Time", which they recorded at the 211 Music Studio in Kiev. The sound producer was Milos Jelic, who plays keyboards in the Okean Elzy band. In addition, a video was filmed for the track.
After 2 years, the group became known as the finalists of Eurovision. And at the onset of the autumn period, the guys could be seen at the finale of the KROK-Rock rock festival.
In the spring of 2012, the musicians distinguished themselves with a newly minted song called "Don't Press", to which a video will be released soon in the summer. Bakhroma also participated at that time in a special project, which was held in honor of the 4000th anniversary of the Aquarium team.
A tribute was made to the composition "Movement towards Spring" by Fakhroma.
In 2014, the band presented the first music collection "Inside".
A year later, at the end of autumn, the project releases a mini-collection Ipi, consisting of only five singles, one of which has enjoyed tremendous popularity among fans of performers for several days. I had to work hard on this mini-album. For nine months, all of the band members actively collaborated on it, but it was worth it.
In 2015, fans of Bakhrom had an amazing opportunity to enjoy their next video clip for the song "At Depth", which is included in the recently released mini-collection of musical songs.
As the director of the video, Anna Kopylova was listed, who had previously worked together with such well-known projects as Pianoboy and Boombox.
In 2015, on December 9, the group had a debut track from the planned third collection, which was to be released in mid-spring in 2016.
After the intrigue increased after the two presented compositions "Tycho" and "#BOY", the group from Ukraine, as we mentioned above, finally demonstrated to the public their third asset, called "Plus Minus Equal". The guys worked with Milos Jelich several times before, back in 2009, when they were just starting to develop their creative career.
The album consisted of seven songs. Initially, according to tradition, it could be officially heard on the Vkontakte social network.
The music collections did not end there. On November 21, another one was released - "DOM". Considering the collection of LPs recorded at the studio, he ranked fourth in it. The first tracks were created a year earlier on a tour of Europe.
When the performers returned from the tour, they decided to rent a large-scale room for the winter, where they were seriously working on new songs.
In this collection, there were 10 tracks, the Bahroma group to listen to which is a pleasure for all fans of the musical group.